Splash Screen Flash branding implementation

On this page you will find information and files to implement the Admeen Splash Preloader in your Flash games. The files are written in ActionScript 3.


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Implement the Flash content in your game is not that hard. Just follow the steps below. Please keep in mind that the splash screen must be placed at the beginning of the game, before your game starts. When an user clicks on the PLAY button it will forward to the game;

  1. Copy the splash screen contents to your project;
  2. Add the loader to the first keyframe of your stage;
  3. Label the keyframe where your game starts (this should be after the splash screen) with an unique name;
  4. Set the variable 'gotoAfterIntro' in the ActionScript of the first keyframe to your unique name.


The download below contains the full Flash file (.fla)