More games button HTML5 branding implementation

You can use our API to get an object with information for your 'More games' or 'Back to website' buttons!

Fetch object

The getMoreButton function will return an object containing the needed data for the branding button. The table below explains what data will be returned and the conditions per item. We prefer using a method where the callback action is used.
var brandingButton = admeen("getMoreButton");

The following data will be returned by this function:

  Type Description
enabled boolean When enabled is returning false the buttons should not be shown, so you must remove it from the game. We use this option to hide the button on our whitelisted domains.
url string The url for the button (will be # if enabled is false).
action function Callback which can be used as button event listener. Assuming that you store the object data in a variable named brandingButton you can use the following example (don't worry about double event firing, we took care of that):
button.addEventListener("click", brandingButton.action);
button.addEventListener("touchend", brandingButton.action);
Games can be loaded inside an iframe, so the link must be opened in the top window. If you are using a HTML link, please add the attribute target="_top". When using javascript to open the link, use (and not window.location.href)